Broken Springs

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Buckley Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

If you are struggling to get in and out of your garage door, it is time to call Buckley Garage Door Repair for getting your doors back on track. If you hear a snap, it’s a broken spring and does not pinch yourself trying to replace it. It is a work of specialists and no one better than Buckley Garage Door Repair. We have gained a name in repairing broken spring and Buckley Garage Door Repair has become synonymous with qualitative serviced secure garage door.

The team at Buckley Garage Door Repair performs all minor to major tasks – repairing broken spring to a complete renovation of your garage door. Did you know that broken spring can further damage to your garage door if not treated in the time leading to a complete breakdown of your garage door? But with us do not worry at all.

Torsion Springs

Buckley Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

The weight of the entire door while the opening is taken up by the torsion spring so they do have a limited lifespan which is normally two-three years and they are bound to break.

Once your door begins to stop while going up, or looks crooked, or hear loud bangs when opening, be sure that it is time to change the torsion spring. However, you must replace both the torsion springs together because the other is set to break sooner or later. While it is true that there is nothing as torsion spring that would last forever, at Buckley Garage Doors Repair you are provided with a choice between low cycle torsion spring that expire in two-three years and high cycle torsion spring that last longer than the former. But whatever you choose, DO NOT attempt to change the spring yourself. It is perilous and best left to our team of experts.

Extension Spring

Buckley, WA Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

Though they are more durable, they too have a fixed life and tend to break, causing the same problems as the torsion spring. You know you have to change them (and both at the same time so that both your doors open and shut simultaneously) when you see either or both of them elongated or broken. Call our technicians at Buckley Garage Door Repair and get your broken spring fixed in no time.

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